EU Referendum Discussion Evening

On Thursday 23rd June the British electorate will vote on one of the most important issues for our politics, economics, global involvement and national identity. Do we want to remain part of the European Union?

At 7.30pm on Tuesday 21st, St Mary’s Church will be hosting a discussion evening on this important topics. Speeches will be given, questions asked, ideas shared. We want this to be an evening of helpful discussion, friendly and constructive disagreement and facts. Whilst we do not want to limit people’s passion, we will do our best to keep the discussions friendly and positive and ensure that everyone is treated with respect.

The evening will be hosted by the Revd Charlie Styles and our discussions will be facilitated by Mr David White, who will seek to guide us through the issues involved.

David White comes from Northern Ireland and now lives with his wife in Berkhamsted, worked for nearly 40 years in Brussels. He was director of enterprise policy, of innovation policy and of education policy in the European Commission. He then studied theology in Leuven, Belgium. He is a Reader Minister in St Mary’s Northchurch and a governor of the church school, as well as being a member of the synod of the Diocese in Europe.

Please get involved:

  • Come along and join in the discussion
  • Pray for all those campaigning and for all of us as we make our decision.
  • Don’t forget to vote on Thursday 23rd.