The PCC (Parochial Church Council)

These are the Trustees responsible for the oversight of the church, including its charitable functions. The PCC sets the direction of the church and makes sure that we really do what we say we want to



  • Revd Nigel Byard

Reader Ministers

  • Ruth Bilton
  • Peter Kent


  • Tricia Dean
  • Peter Kent

Churchwardens are elected annually.

Elected Members

Deanery Synod Representatives

  1. Ben Horrex (2023-2026)

There are currently two vacancies for Deanery Synod representatives.

PCC Members

  1. James Dargie (2022-2025)
  2. Lizzi Horrex (2022-2025)
  3. Caroline Topham (2022-2025)
  4. Andrea Jones (2022-2025)
  5. Peter Gray (2023-2026)
  6. Ann Newmark (2023-2026)
  7. Hannah Evans (2023-2026)
  8. Rosemary Byard (2023-2026)

There is currently one vacancy for elected PCC members.

Co-opted Members

People can be co-opted onto the PCC by a vote of the PCC any time and last until the next APCM.

Occasional Attendees

  • Christine Perkins (Administrator and PCC Secretary)
  • Any minister or worker licensed to the Benefice
  • Other interested parties after consulting the Chair