Treehouse is our group for children aged 3-11, and takes place during the 9.30am and 4pm services.

We want to help children for a lifetime commitment to living for Jesus, we want to grow disciples! That’s what we aim to do at Treehouse.

We learn all about Jesus through games, craft, dramas, and Bible stories. We split the teaching into two groups: 3-6 year olds and 7-11 year olds.

The important information:

Dropping Off and Registration: at the 4pm service, the children can be dropped off at the Church Gate Centre at 3:45. Whilst you are there you will be asked to fill in a registration form and you will be given a slip with your child’s name on. Please bring this slip back with you at the end of the service in order to collect your child.

At the 9.30am service, the children start the service in the main church building.

Joining in with the adults: Children join in at church for the first bit of the service. The children sit down at the front with the Treehouse team. They join in with the adults, singing songs and there might be a little activity for the children to do or an all age talk. Treehouse then leaves the service together to continue their session in the church gate centre. Please note during this time in the service the children are the Treehouse team’s responsibility.

Collection at the end of the service: Once the service is finished, please come and collect your children from Treehouse. Please bring your slip with your child’s name on. Please then stay for coffee, chat and crumpets with the whole church family.

Food: We know that children can get quite hungry in the afternoons! At the 4pm service, we provide sandwiches (cheese or ham) and some fruit for all the children to end our sessions together. Dietary requirements can be provided for, please just let us know what is needed.

Visitors: We love having visitors, you are more than welcome to come for a one off session. If you know you are coming then feel free to contact the Children and Families Minister to tell them but you are more than welcome to turn up on the day!

Safeguarding your children: the safety and wellbeing of your children is a top priority for all at Lutterworth Church. All team members of Treehouse are safer recruited and have under gone a DBS check and they attend a safeguarding training session once a year. If you would like more information on this please ask.

For more information about Treehouse contact Katrina Harper (Children and Families Minister) on 07818 654022 or katrina.harper[at]

Church at 4

We’d love to invite you to our contemporary afternoon service at St. Mary’s Church, Lutterworth, with children and youth activities.

Join us from 3.45pm for a cup of tea/coffee beforehand. During the service, we:

  • Come to God (in songs of praise and worship)
  • Receive from God (as we learn from the Bible)
  • Respond to God (in prayer and song)

‘Church at 4’ will last an hour and a quarter, the children from Treehouse joining us for part of the service. Our afternoon concludes with refreshments, including a snack tea (crumpets and jam, or similar).

Whether you have been coming to church your whole life, or are interested in trying out something new, come along and meet us.