St Mary’s Church Lutterworth is celebrating 800 and counting years since our first recorded rector and warmly invite you to our open day on Saturday 9th September to celebrate this momentous milestone!

The church will be open from 10-6pm and we have lots going on:

Throughout the church we will have stations to read and reflect on the history of our church, including our most famous Rectors throughout the ages.

The Mothers’ Union will be serving afternoon tea between 2-4pm in the café area.

There is opportunity to explore and tour our historic tower and gaze across the far horizon from up high, seeing Lutterworth like you’ve never seen it before.

There will also be a children’s scavenger hunt, music from across the 800 years and so much more.

If you’d like any more information or would like to be involved in some way then please contact Jake Godsell (Church of England Ordinand) at