Christianity Explored

One of the best ways to learn about faith and consider the claims of Jesus is to do it with others. Christianity Explored is a course designed to help people investigate and evaluate the claims of Jesus.

Hosted by local people in a friendly setting, this is an opportunity to explore Jesus, his life and the difference he makes today.

There will be the chance to look at one of the first biographies of Jesus, to share your thoughts and to ask your questions. There is nothing too simple or too sceptical. Run over seven weeks, there is space to ask the things you’ve always wanted to ask or just listen to others. No one will ask you to pray or sing. It will be relaxed with cake and hot drinks.

You might want to come along with a friend or a group, although many people will come by themselves.


Our next course will be starting in January 2023. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday evening from 7:45pm and finishing no later then 9:15pm, starting from Wednesday 25th January for 8 weeks (taking a break for the February half-term holiday). We’ll be holding the course at E & R Tearoom, High Street, Lutterworth- a friendly and welcoming Tearoom with amazing coffee and delicious cake!

For more information about the course, please contact James Dargie, or Jake Godsell in person at church or by email,

It would be helpful if you can sign up in advance, due to the nature of course.

Please book online here or call the church office (01455 558797).