Sunday Services

All legal restrictions on our gathering have been removed, and instead, we’ve been encouraged to think carefully about how we manage risk in a proportionate way.  We are therefore asking you all to follow some simple steps.

Masks – We are continuing to ask people to wear masks on their arrival at church and whilst moving around inside – any time where social distancing is not practicable.  However, if you would like to remove your mask when in your seat/place, you are free to do so.

Singing – We can now sing again in church!  We may still choose to sing outdoors where possible.  Whilst singing you may remove your mask, but please maintain social distancing between household groups and avoid singing ‘face-to-face’.

Social Distancing – We are going to keep spacing people out around the church ensuring at least 1 metre between different household groups.  This will usually mean sitting on alternate rows and at opposite ends of pews. This is particularly important to make singing indoors as safe as possible.

Booking – We are no longer asking you to book for services. Only special events (for example, some Christmas Carol concerts where we expect a high number of visitors) will require a booking and those links will appear below.