Sunday School for Grown-ups

Life is full questions that need more than soundbite answers. We live in a rapidly changing world and as Christian believers we often feel out of our depth. But the good news is God wants to help us know Him and His purposes better, so that we can navigate the challenges of life together. What we need as a church is the time and space to dig into what the Bible says, to put down deep roots and work these things through together.

For that purpose we beginning what we’re calling Sunday School for grown-ups. Running at 9am each Sunday, the same time as Treehouse (our group for 3-11 year olds), this is a chance for the rest of us to come together and explore a particular topic.

There will be some teaching from the front but lots of our time will be in discussion groups, looking at the Bible together and helping one another see the difference it makes on the ground. Whether you are a new Christian or have been following Christ for decades, whether you come with knowledge of the Bible already or just lots of questions, then this is for you.

We’re not asking you to sign up forever. Instead, we will run short segments on different topics.

SEGMENT 1: How to do Theology

We begin this Sunday 10th January at 9am, with our first three week module on “How to do Theology”. We will lay the foundations for how we approach these topics together, asking questions like:

  • How do we know what God is like?
  • How is that relevant to everyday life?
  • How does the Bible help us when so many of the issues we face were not around when it was written?
  • Why are there so many different answers to these big questions?
  • Why do even Christians disagree and what do we do when that happens?

NEXT SEGMENT: Spiritual Warfare

After that we’re going to be considering the question of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ for three weeks. Charlie Styles together with Neil and Eleanor Logue will be opening up the Bible on this topic and giving us advice on how to engage.

Join us on Zoom

We’re going to be meeting on Zoom for the foreseeable future. You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera.

The session will begin at 9am and last for about 45 minutes. That should give plenty of time for everyone to be ready for the main service starting at 10.30am.