Mission Prayer

Thanks to all who joined us at our Mission Prayer evening this week. Please do continue to pray for the missionaries we support and Crosslinks as they support the mission. Below are some key prayer points at the moment.

Milson’s in Valencia:

  • 2 Midweek groups (was 3 groups) and church is online. Numbers down. 60 before, down to 30.
  • They’ve postponed youth group, cancelled Easter holiday club and short-term mission trip, 
  • Valencia hit hard by covid. Behind with vaccines. Restrictions for traveling (roadblocks, fines). From today, the city has opened and bars and restaurants opened outside. Limit to 4 people. Jemima and Theo still at home/school. 

Prayer Points:

  • Feeling frustrated as they can’t do as much as they’d like to or have planned to do. 
  • Feeling trapped, not being able to visit friends, family, partner churches.
  • Pray for the online joint Easter service  
  • Give thanks for relationships growing because of covid; being able to concentrate on the core in the church and seeing their faith. 
  • Pray for the relationship with Alex, Julian’s language tutor- pray for his salvation. 
  • Pray for residency for the children.


Prayer Points:

  • Pray for a grouping of churches in South Africa as they work through having being mostly white led for many years and want the leadership to now better reflect parts of both black and white cultures. This is a sensitive and sometimes painful process.
  • Pray for bible colleges in the southern hemisphere starting back after the summer holidays for a new academic year. Starting for some colleges, such as PIZ in Zambia, keeps getting pushed back because of Covid 19. Pray for college leaderships trying their best to train men and women despite the restrictions and complications.
  • Pray for our mission partners who may be disheartened by the news of quarantine hotels upon return. That could mean a bill of £3,000 for a family of four, making it unrealistic to return to UK for home assignment and to see family for some time. Pray for the Crosslinks Mission Personnel as they talk these things through with our mission partners. Note also that it may be a couple of years before parts of Asia, Africa and South America are vaccinated. That may continue to cause difficulties there and perhaps travel to and from those regions. Please pray for our mission partners who are starting to struggle with general fatigue from the last year.
  • Give thanks that, despite the current challenges, the ministry of Crosslinks continues. We are interviewing and preparing a number of couples for overseas service – all on Zoom! The work of our mission partners continues and we regularly hear encouragements. Pray for the new church plant that will be starting in Modena in Italy that is being supported by our church plant in nearby Bologna.
  • Pray for Crosslinks as we seek to raise additional funding to cover the costs of our operations this year. Pray that we would do this in a clear yet sensitive way.

The Moodys

Prayer Points:

  • Please praise God that the election in Uganda in January passed peacefully. Pray that those in charge would act with God’s wisdom and that peace would continue to prevail.
  • Please pray for the preacher’s training conference that Rev. Paul Kim is running and pray for Andrew as he works on his teaching notes for the book of Romans.
  • Pray for Joy as she lives with her granny whilst the Moodys are in Korea for three months. Thank God that she likes her course and the teachers say that she is doing well.
  • Please pray that there would be real lasting peace in South Sudan.
  • Please pray that Nebbi Diocese would be able to find a suitable pastor to be their next bishop following the sudden death of Bishop Alphonse in January.