Happy New Year!

Greetings at the beginning of 2021.  I hope, like me, you’re optimistic about the year ahead, but it may be quite a difficult journey before things improve.

Church Activities

It was discouraging to get the recent news about the move into Tier 4 and it will affect all our lives.  [UPDATE: Following the January lockdown, we have decided to suspend in-person services and meetings.]

We will endeavour to keep the online calendar up-to-date, especially as it will be necessary to book tickets for our main services when they resume.  As previously, we will be streaming as many events as we can.

Learning and Growing

Our next teaching series takes up the Gospel of Matthew and we’ll be looking at chapters 8 to 12.  These chapters are all about Jesus and the sharp distinctions in people’s reactions to him.

Next week, we are starting Sunday School for Grown-Ups.  Each Sunday at 9am (while Treehouse runs) there will be a study group on Zoom.  Join for the first three weeks with Tom considering ‘How to do theology’.

Thought for the Day will be restarting this week after the Christmas break, so do join us on the App each day or get in touch and we can suggest good Bible reading plans for you. It is also available as a podcast, click here.

The Alpha Course

Our new course exploring the Christian faith starts on Thursday 14th January. It will be online (although there may be a later meet-up if possible) and so is an easy thing to access.

If you’ve never done a course like this and would like to try joining a group to discuss the big questions of life, please get in touch or sign up today.

Happy New Year!