Local Responses to the COVID-19

This is a difficult time for many people – especially those who are ill or looking after those who are. We’ve seen some terrible scenes of panic-buying and empty shelves, angry scenes and a lot of fear.

But we’ve also seen many positive actions to help others: selflessness and kindness at a time of crisis. So I thought it would be good to collate a list of actions local people are taking:

  • Many of the local villages have set up community-wide WhatsApp groups to connect up the isolated and organise practical help.
  • In the past week over £2000 has been given to the Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank. Click here to see the progress. UPDATE: Now £4000 in the last 10 days.
  • Lots of people have contacted the church offering to help people in need. We have now set up a system to connect them with those they can help.
  • Lutterworth Lutterworth Age Concern have started a Facebook group looking for volunteers to help. Click here for more.
  • Foodbank baskets are overflowing at supermarkets and the managers have asked for extra collections to help with the donations.
  • Lutterworth Round Table sent in a team of volunteers to help stock the shelves at Morrisons, enabling the staff to work the tills and help customers
  • The Man at Arms Bitteswell (King Henry’s Taverns) is acting as a corner shop for essentials.
  • The new farm shop on Lutterworth High Street is helping people by giving away veg packs and eggs to people in crisis . Available Tuesday from 9am at the shop (the old Barclays bank).
  • Neil Green Catering is delivering food to people’s home, visit the website or call 01455 553893.
  • Alice (service manager) from Morrisons is creating special pre-gathered trolleys of essentials for vulnerable customers to collect from the store (saving them contact with people) or even deliver.

There are so many good things going on at a difficult time. We’ll update this page as we discover more.

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