Crisis Action

  • Remain calm and take every precaution.
  • Look out for one another, especially the most vulnerable.

We are currently working with other local groups, including Age Concern, Lutterworth Town Council and Lutterworth Community Transport, on a co-ordinated approach to help local people.

Generous partnership working is essential in difficult times and we are very thankful for the generous support of local groups, both our supermarkets and other businesses.

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Stage 1

We are recruiting and training volunteers to help those in need – especially those self-isolating at home. We have already started delivering groceries, but need to continue to build the team ready to help as the crisis worsens.

Stage 2

We are designing community-wide coverage so that we are able to help people across the widest area possible. Many villages already have groups co-ordinating help and so where possible we will signpost people to local people.

We are training our volunteers and agreeing sensible safeguarding arrangements. We are also preparing ways to emotional support our volunteers and those medical staff working in the front line.

Stage 3

The spread of COVID-19 is likely to grow over the next few months. We will be contacting all local residents to make contact with us so that we can help. It may be a regular phone call or weekly groceries, or perhaps collection of medical prescription.

We will not be able to offer medical services or immediate emergency help.