Community Centre

We are delighted to share with you plans for the development of a new community centre in the heart of Lutterworth Town.

This is an exciting new project, which has been in development for the past couple of years and we now need your help to get it over the line.  We believe that the facilities provided by this new centre will make a real and tangible difference to the community, especially those who are most disadvantaged and hard to reach.

The recent pandemic saw an upsurge in community spirit and led to some wonderful local partnership between charitable and statutory agencies.  Together with Lutterworth Community Transport, Age Concern and Lutterworth Town Council, we spearheaded a project including nearly 200 volunteers to support 120 households in self-isolation.  Whilst this project has now ended, the social need is greater than ever.

We want to build on this recent partnership to meet the increased need in our community, harnessing the goodwill and generosity of the community to support those most in need.  A fully-accessible charitable hub in the middle of the town will provide a base for multiple agencies and voluntary groups.

We plan to refurbish the building that used to be the Mechanics Institute and over the years has been a reading room, primary school offices, and has housed the museum and other voluntary organisations.  It is a significant part of the town’s heritage and the plans, whilst radical in the approach to environmental sustainability are sensitive to the conservation area and nearby listed buildings. 

Download booklet both informative and inspiring and very much hope that you will support us in this endeavour.