Refugee Crisis

Many of you will have been moved by the plight of many thousands of people fleeing across Europe from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.  We as a church have been thinking and praying about how we can help.  Many individuals from the community have approached us – including some who have offered to host families.

We are considering what response we might make locally – being careful to ensure that any solution will actually help in the long-term.  Possibilities include offering English classes, providing temporary space in homes and collecting essentials to send to the most needy.  We will update this page as things develop.

You may like to sign one of the many petitions about this issue:

You may want to volunteer to host Syrian refugees. Click here.

Please pray to God, whose son Jesus Christ knew life as a refugee as his family fled from a tyrant who was trying to kill him.  God knows each of these countless thousands as they flee – He made them and loves them.  Pray to God for an end to the crisis in Syria and for peace across the region.  Ask that God would give wisdom to our global leaders seeking to govern responsibly.

Many thanks.