Our Vision – for 2017 and beyond

This year we are embarking on clear and bold vision for our future. It’s been some years in the making as we’ve met, prayed, surveyed, considered, prayed and now published our vision. We’re sure that God will take us on and that things will develop in time, but here’s Charlie laying out our vision for 2017 and beyond.

Lutterworth Vision 2017 from Lutterworth Church.

Growing Disciples

Jesus said “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them…and teaching them to obey all I have commanded you”. In doing so, the risen Christ gave His church a vision and purpose until He comes again.

Here in Lutterworth we want to obey His great commission to us and let his command shape all that we do. Our vision for the coming year seeks to put into practice what Jesus said.

We want more people to come and know that God loves us, that we can be children of the Heavenly Father, that He has acted in Jesus to save us and that the power of the Holy Spirit is available to change us for good.

We want those who know the love of God to grow as followers of Jesus, that we might know our new identity in Christ, that we might develop character more like Christ and that all our activity might be for Christ’s glory and praise.

Our Priorities for 2017

Every year brings new challenges, but God’s purpose remains the same. Reflecting on our current situation and on the current health of our church, Charlie has proposed three things that will form the focus of the coming year

1. Everyone in a Life Group

We all need help if we are to grow. Meeting together with other Christians to study God’s word, to pray for each other and to share life is the most effective way to enable personal growth.

By the end of 2017, we would love to see every member of the church being part of a life group. This may be an evening home group, a prayer triplet or a daytime gathering in the church. But we hope that everyone will be able to find a place, beyond Sunday worship, where we can love and support others and find the help we need to grow as a follower of Jesus.

2. Develop High-Quality Training

If every member of the church is going to able to serve God to the best of their abilities, then we’re all going to need training. Following Jesus makes a difference in the way we are in the office, at home and in the wider community. But, what is the difference?

We want to invest time and resources in training us how to pray, how to share our faith, how to approach the bible, how to build lasting marriages, how to bring up children…and much more. We want to spend time thinking about the implications of what we believe on how we vote, how we spend money, how we behave at work and how we approach our involvement in the wider community.

3. Consolidate Current Activities

We are a busy church and we do a lot of different things. As the church has grown over recent years we’ve been living on the edge of what is possible. So this year, we want to spend time reviewing our current activities and make sure that we’re doing everything as well as we can.

This will mean that we won’t start many new things in 2017, but instead may tweak and develop our current activities to make sure that everything we’re doing is really helping us to live out Jesus’ instruction to make disciples of all nations.


If you would like to contribute your time and money to making this vision a reality, please contact the Church Office. In January 2017, a letter went out to all members of our church family inviting everyone to be involved. Please ask if you’d like a copy of the letter.