Good Friday Devotions 2016

On Good Friday evening we will be holding a special event – a devotional service of songs, hymns and readings reflecting on the Easter story.

We are hoping to get a good choir together for the service. If you’d like to join chat with Charlie or just turn up at the rehearsals on Thur 10th March at 7pm, Tues 15th at 7pm, Thur 17th at 6pm, Mon 21st at 7pm

If you’re going to sing, we thought it would be useful to put the music online with some videos to help you to get more familiar.

Lord, For Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake (Farrant)

The words are slightly different in our version, but it should become clear.
Download the PDF here: Lord for Thy Tender – Farrant

Fling Wide the Gates (Stainer)

This version does mess around with the tempo a little, but the dynamics are about right.
Download the PDF here: Fling Wide – Stainer

O Nata Lux (Tallis)

Singing in latin gives the opportunity for really lovely vowel sounds.
The meaning is:
O Light born of Light, Jesus, redeemer of the world, with kindness deign to receive the praise and prayer of suppliants. You who once deigned to be clothed in flesh for the sake of the lost, grant us to be made members of your blessed body.
Translation: Robert Coote
Download the PDF here: O Nata Lux – Tallis

God So Loved the World (Stainer)

The important factor in making this piece really work is to sing with heart – emphasising the meaning of the words rather than only the music. It’s a very contained piece.
Download the PDF here: God So Loved The World – Stainer

Is it Nothing to You (Ouseley)

This piece will be sung by a small group from the choir. I’m afraid I can’t find a YouTube version to show you.
Download the PDF here: Is It Nothing To You – Ouseley