Will we be fruitful in 2018?

Posted on January 22, 2018

Bible Text: John 15:1-17 | Preacher: Charlie Styles

Preaching on our 2018 Vision Sunday, Charlie opened up John, chapter 15. We considered Jesus, the true vine, and our role a branches.
We want to grow!

IN NUMBERS – because God’s love is available for everyone.
IN DEPTH – because God’s love is even more wonderful than we realise.
IN IMPACT – because the love of God changes everything.

But, if we are to see the vine grow, we need to think about the structures and resources that underpin all we’re trying to do.  Charlie also introduced the vision for 2018 – laying out our plans to develop the trellis this year.
(1) A united church with a clear purpose:

­Leaders who know what they’re doing
The whole church on board and willing to serve

(2) High Quality Staff in the right roles:

­Rector, Children and Families, Administrator
An Associate Minister (By Autumn 2018)

(3) Excellent Buildings fit for ministry

­Develop the Church Gate Centre (By end of 2019)
­Continue to develop plans for St Mary’s Church