Spring Courses 2015

Dear Friends,

Across our three churches we run small groups throughout the year, where church members meet to study the bible, pray and support one another. We have also run regular Lent Courses – using this time of preparation for special study and growth.

This year we are extending that time and offering a number of courses covering different aspects of life. Small groups will not be meeting as usual to allow for this exciting opportunity to learn and grow as a church.

It is likely that we are advertising more courses than will go ahead, as we would prefer that each course is full. So please let us know if you’re interested in more than one course, in case your first choice doesn’t go ahead this time.

The locations will depend on the numbers signing up, so please have a look and let the church office know which course you’d like to attend.  You will be contacted before the courses start.


Spring Courses – 2015

Some of these courses will begin in the first week of February. If possible, please book in advance by completing a reply slip or calling the Church Office 01455 558797.

The Marriage Course

Tuesday evenings with Gareth and Becky Davies

Using materials from HTB (home of Alpha) this course will be helping couples grow closer and build a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime. Over seven sessions, the couples learn practical tools to help them invest time in their marriage, heal ways they’ve hurt each other, discover how their partner feels loved and much, much more.

“Rock Solid” exploring truths that form a solid base for Christian faith

Tuesday evenings with Martin and Rosemary Lowdon

Each week we’ll look at how to answer some big questions “Is Jesus the one & only way to God?” “I’m not so bad inside” “Why is the Bible relevant today?” “Surely a loving God will accept everyone in the end?” “Who’s in charge of the world?” “How can I know the truth for certain?” Each week there’ll be discussion, looking at the Bible and time for questions.

Spirituality and Healing

Tuesday evenings with Mollie Toye, Heather Vernon and Harry Latham

This varied course brings in two excellent pastoral trainers to challenge and equip us for God’s work in the world. In Part 1, Heather will tackle some of the challenges of a truly spiritual life. Then Harry will lead us through the Bible to see Jesus heal before leading us to consider our role in this ministry today.

The Parenting Course

Tuesday or Wednesday mornings with Sophie Styles

This group will be using materials from Care for the Family to discuss the challenges of raising children and trying to do a good job. Come with questions and a sense of humour. Childcare will be provided.

The Alpha Course

Wednesday evenings with Graham Thomas

Alpha has proved itself around the globe as a great way to find out about God. No previous knowledge required and with a track record for comfortable and open discussion, this is the best place to start.

CAP Money Course

Wednesday evenings with Dave Webster and Dawn Matthew

The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt. The CAP Money Course is a course devised by the award winning debt counselling charity, Christians Against Poverty.

Understanding and Communicating the Bible

Thursday evenings with Charlie and Nigel Styles

The Bible can be a baffling book – spanning millennia and changing lives. This course will aim to give you tools to explore this library. The course is modular, allowing people to join at the start, but opt out if they wish. Don’t miss Nigel Styles, Director of Training for the Midlands Gospel Partnership, present a Bible Overview on the 8th and 22nd February. The more adventurous may like to stick with the course and have a chance to present their own mini-sermon in the final session.