2015 Financial Appeal – Minister for Youth and Music

For more than seven years, this church has had a vision for working with young people.  We would like to share with you what we believe is the next step on this journey.

Previously we had Careforce volunteers working with us, but in 2008 the PCC took the step of appointing Gillian Gamble to a 5 year post as Youth Worker.  This was a bold step and got the clear support of the church family who contributed more than half the funds, the rest provided by the diocesan Young People for Life Fund (YP4L).

During her five years with us Gillian was not only able to develop work with young people but also was welcomed into the primary schools and there was significant growth into the area of children’s ministry. This was possible because Gillian was gifted in this area and the church was willing to experiment and reach out.  In 2013 the PCC was then able to look at the possibility of two full-time posts, one for children and families, and the other to continue with youth work.

Philip Moore began a two-year youth work contract in August 2013. The Diocese of Leicester wished to support this, whilst encouraging the PCC to look to be self-funding in the long term.  YP4L provided approximately 20% of funding for Phil’s first year, and 10% for the second year. Since beginning, Phil has sustained and developed the youth work.  He has also given significant amounts of his own free time and gifting to the church as a musician and worship leader, and has contributed to the wider ministry of the church.

Minister for Youth and Music

The PCC believes it should extend Phil’s contract, enabling him to build on the good work already done.  We would like to offer Phil a three-year contract with a wider scope of role.  It is our hope that he will be spend three days per week focussing on youth ministry and two on music ministry.  We would also like to support him financially to training with The Porterbrook Institute for one day per week.

What now?

We are writing to all church members, writing on our website and chatting with friends to ask everyone to be involved in making this vision a reality. Please would you show your support for the vision of the church and this ministry in particular, by making a financial contribution?

Every gift, no matter the amount, is a huge encouragement for us. Every donor is a sign that we are on the right track and that the church family is behind the Church Council (PCC) and the vision we believe God has given us.


Following the generosity of those who have already been giving to the post of Youth Minister, we already have some funds towards extending the post.  We need to raise £80,000 over the next three years to fund this post.

Previously some people have given one-off gifts at the beginning of the appeal, others have pledged to give regularly and others have donated by standing order.  This time we have also enabled online giving on our church website.

  • If you are able to increase your giving or start giving regularly for the first time, please use the standing order form on the giving page of the website. To give specifically to this post, please make that clear on your form.
  • If you are a tax-payer, you will be able to easily increase the value of your gift by signing a gift-aid declaration, also available on the website.
  • If you would like to make a gift today, you can do so via our give.net webpage.

We would find it really helpful if you could send in your response before Sunday 29th March (Palm Sunday) to help with future financial planning. Although any gifts at any time are always welcome.

Thank you for your ongoing support in so many ways.

To Find Out More…

  • If you have any questions about the vision of the church and this developing post please speak to me, Charlie Styles. You can catch me after a Sunday service or make an appointment via the Church Office.
  • If you have questions about the financial arrangements of the church or would like to discuss making a contribution, please speak to the treasurer, Peter Gray.

Alternatively you might like to come to our annual meeting, Sunday 26th April – 12 noon. We will have lunch together after the morning service and then have the annual parochial church meeting.