Join us to say ‘Au revoir!’ to the Moore Family

Join us to say ‘Au revoir!’ to the Moore Family

We’re planning a farewell lunch for Phil, Gill and Elijah Moore and we’d love to get together everyone who’s been part of their life in Lutterworth over the past four years.

It will be a lunch event at Lutterworth Golf Club on Sunday 8th October. Tickets are £10 for Adult, £5 for Youth and children are free. For catering purposes, we need people to book places by the end of September.

You can book and pay online at:

Alternatively you can book by popping into the Church Office during the week and talking to Merry, who will also be available on the welcome desk after both the Lutterworth services this weekend.

We’re also looking for photos and stories of their time with us.  If you have anything to contribute, please email to: We’d love to hear from you.

Keeping Faith – Issue 2

Keeping Faith – Issue 2

Every few months we publish our newsletter – and encouraging collection of reviews, photos and thoughts about the life of our church. The September Issue is published today.

Here is Charlie’s introduction to Keeping Faith this month….

Lutterworth Church has a great history and many people come from all over the world to see our church, to hear the story of John Wycliffe and in some small way make contact with events hundreds of years ago, whose impact is still felt today.

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the European Reformation, which began when Martin Luther famously nailed his 95 theses (or arguments) to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany on 31st October 1517. In doing so, Luther became the catalyst for a spiritual movement that soon reached our shores. At the heart of the reformation was a conviction that we can be saved only through faith in the powerful work of God in Christ.

It is the beginning of that world-changing movement that Christians are celebrating this year. The seeds of that reformation began earlier in England through the work of John Wycliffe. His determination to return the church of his day to the Bible, rejecting the power, wealth and politics of the church, saw wonderful spiritual renewal and paved the way for Luther, Calvin, Cranmer and others a century later.

We want to honour these heroes of faith, not merely by remembering them, but by emulating them. We want to be a church listening to God’s voice and following his ways. As we do so, we believe that the future of our church will be as exciting as its past.

The latest issue of Keeping Faith is now available – drop into the church sometime and pick up a copy.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come

Join the global wave of prayer

Following the lead of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, we invite you to join us for 24+ hours of prayer and fasting – ending with a service for Ascension Day.

Wednesday 24th May 2017

17.00             Church Opens for Prayer

Short Service to begin. Creative Prayer Spaces and Refreshments available throughout

17.00-18.00    Youth Hour

19.00-21.00    Prayer Walk around Lutterworth

21.00-0.00      Church Open for Prayer Sign up for slots

Thursday 25th May 2017

00.00-08.00    Please sign up for hour-long slots throughout the night.

Church will be locked for security reasons, so please contact us in advance to arrange to join in.

08.00             Prayer on St Mary’s Roof Weather permitting

09.00-18.30    Church Open for Prayer

16.00-17.00    Children’s Time Starting with snacks from 15.30

18.30             Fish and Chip Supper Please sign up in advance

19.30-21.00    Word & Worship Deanery Communion Service for Ascension Day

St Mary’s Lutterworth, Church Office: 01455 558797


Each term we take a part of the Bible and spend proper time digging deep into God’s word and asking him to speak to us by his Holy Spirit. This term, we begin a new series looking at the big issues of Money, Sex and Power. We’ll be in 1 and 2 Samuel, considering the lives of Kings David and Solomon. You might want to read the bible books in advance to help give you the big picture.

King David and his son Solomon ruled God’s people from approx. 1010 to 931 BC. At this point the nation state of Israel was at its height. All the promises of God appeared to have come true: God’s people had grown into a mighty nation, they were established in the peace and plenty of the Promised Land and enjoyed relationship with God through the operation of the Law.

In the midst of this peace, the lingering question was: will it last? The kingdom was establishment by the promises of God, but its security seems to rest on the faithfulness of God’s people, most specifically their king.

Many of us will know people whose lives have been torn apart by their own weaknesses. In the lives of David and Solomon, we see the big issues of life played out: money, sex and power.

As we study their lives in our new series, we will consider both the opportunities and pitfalls of God’s good gifts and the consequences of their choices and ours.

Recommended Books

This term we’re looking at some of the big issues that shape our lives and hope these books will help us to think deeply and Christianly.

Living in the Light represents a deep challenge. It illustrates how sinful humanity will take good things, and especially the best things, and use them for the lowest, meanest, most selfish purposes. It describes the importance, the beauty, and the benefit of seeing each as a path to glorifying God by finding satisfaction in God.

Tim Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods considers how we take the good gifts of money, sex and power and how, instead of using them well to serve God, we give them a too high place in our hearts and serve them as gods themselves.  Keller diagnoses our problem and leads us towards the cure—true freedom through right worship of the one true God.

Discounted copies of both these books will be available in Lutterworth Church or you can order online.

Sunday Services

Every Sunday we meet at 10.30am and 4:30pm.
* denotes weeks with an 8am service of Holy Communion.

Sun 30th April


David and Samuel

1 Samuel 16

Sun 7th May


David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17

Sun 14th May *


David and the LORD

2 Samuel 7

Sun 21st May


David and Bathsheba

2 Samuel 11

Sun 28th May *


David and Nathan

2 Samuel 12

Sun 4th June


Weekend Away No 4:30pm

Acts 2:1-22

Sun 11th June *


David and Solomon

1 Kings 2

Sun 18th June


Solomon and the LORD

1 Kings 3

Sun 25th June *


Solomon and the Temple

1 Kings 8-9

Sun 2nd July


Solomon and the Queens

1 Kings 9:24-10

Sun 9th July *


Solomon and the Kingdom

1 Kings 11

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

It’s finally come!  The long days of no chocolate/beer/facebook are over and the days of celebration are here.

You may have seen this week in the Guardian, this article about the historical reliability of the Easter story.  We can have great confidence in what we believe – the miracle of Easter.

In the article, Simon Gathercole concludes,

These abundant historical references leave us with little reasonable doubt that Jesus lived and died. The more interesting question – which goes beyond history and objective fact – is whether Jesus died and lived.

In other news, we have today published the first of our new, as yet untitled, newsletters.  You can download Issue 1 here.  We’re running a competition to choose a name for this quarterly publication.  Any ideas to the Church Office.

Holy Week 2017

Holy Week 2017

9th April

Palm Sunday

10.00am Palm Sunday Walk From Bitteswell
10.30am Palm Sunday Service Lutterworth Recreation Ground
Monday 10th 12 noon Holy Week Devotions Lutterworth
9.00pm Compline (Night Prayers) Lutterworth
Tuesday 11th 12 noon Holy Week Devotions Lutterworth
9.00pm Compline (Night Prayers) Lutterworth


10.30am Holy Communion Lutterworth
12 noon Holy Week Devotions Lutterworth
9.00pm Compline (Night Prayers) Lutterworth

Thursday 13th

Maundy Thursday


12 noon Holy Week Devotions Lutterworth
7.00pm Maundy Thursday Meal including Communion

please book through the church office

9.00pm Compline (Night prayers) Lutterworth

Friday 14th

Good Friday

10.00am Good Friday Family Activities Lutterworth
10.30am Easter Gardens Bitteswell
2.00pm Good Friday Reflections Cotesbach
7.00pm Good Friday Worship

Contemporary Stations of the Cross

Saturday 15th 4.30pm Service to Remember Lutterworth
 8.00pm Easter Film Night – Risen Lutterworth


Easter Day

9.00am Holy Communion Lutterworth
9.45am Easter Breakfast Lutterworth
10.00am Holy Communion Cotesbach
10.00am All Age Communion Bitteswell
10.30am All Age Service Lutterworth